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An old, long abandoned project that was widely rejected by the community.

WikiNews Network
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The proposal is simple: that a proposed subproject (entitled "WikiNews Network", or "WNN") be extended as an official subproject of Wikinews. Contributors are able to create and edit media files (audio and video) at their own free time and will, and submit them to All submissions are licensed as public domain files, with attribution of the used material going to Wikinews. All news content on the programs are provided by Wikinews and Wikinews contributors. The project would organize and unite previous audio and video projects into two concepts of broadcast under the same name:

WNN Radio would be derived from the current Audio Wikinews subproject handled by many users. The audio would consist of the present news briefs, and spoken articles. The audio portion would loop the most current news brief with a pool of a randomly selected three-day-or-less old spoken article (ensuring that briefs and articles are presented within a 5-minute period).

WNN Video would be derived from the former broadcast subproject, created by DV. Of course, there would have to be some form of enthusiasm from a group of contributors for a semi-regular release of the video project, as it would require much work. If we are unable to find an anchor for a daily program, we may use scrolling text instead to keep the channel "live".


Wikinews now has a large group of contributors, and considering suggestions in the IRC chat room and proposals on the Water Cooler, NGerda thinks we should promote a new media project further than our current Audio and Magazine subprojects. We would also like to start on WNN Video as soon as possible, as it would greatly increase our coverage and notability abroad.


There are two ways such a project could work: either with streaming servers (perhaps available from Freematrix, however details will be sorted out later), or with simple hosting of files (and RSS/XML feeds to notify audience of new media releases). Each have their own advantages and disadvantages, however like the previous WikiNews Network proposal, all content would be screened by an elected panel to ensure adherence to site policies. The goal would be to have recently recorded material broadcast as quickly as possible.