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What is this page?

This page defines the restrictions applied to use of the AutoWikiBrowser tool on Wikinews. You must have a version which is listed below and be a listed user before you will be able to use the tool. Should you not be an administrator and note a new version release, request this page be updated on WN:ALERT. If you are an administrator and are just using AWB for the first time just add your username in the appropriate section and make sure the version you are using is listed. The page is protected and non-admin users must request addition. This is to limit the amount of damage which could be done through malicious use of this tool.

Enabled version

Enabled versions are now listed centrally on Wikipedia, please update your version of AWB. More recent versions of AWB will auto-update when started.

Enabled users

The users listed below are allowed to use AutoWikiBrowser. All admins are allowed by rule, and any user can be added by any admin. Although this registration process provides considerable protection against the use of AutoWikiBrowser to vandalize or otherwise harm Wikinews, it partially relies on people's good faith, as do all aspects of Wikinews. Users are responsible for the edits they make when using AutoWikiBrowser.

Accounts listed under the bots heading have AutoWikiBrowser's automatic mode enabled. Not all bots utilize automatic mode; those that do not are not listed under bots.

To request access to use AWB on the English Wikinews, click here.


  • MikemoralBot

Approved users

  • Chiacomo
  • Martinp23
  • Skenmy


  • Cromium
  • ShakataGaNai
  • Chaetodipus