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The Wikinews:WikiReporter tool is a support service which helps users to produce and submit articles on Wikinews for covering public events. It is intended for use by citizen journalists who want to create a published online community record of any type of event they have attended. As with other Wikimedia projects, publication is collaborative, and anyone may contribute to published stories so that multiple perspectives are presented.

The tool is designed to create news articles for events including conferences, parades, and protests. Users of the tool are asked questions about the event, and based on their answers, the tool generates the text of a news article for publication in Wikinews. After publication of the base article, anyone may contribute more content to the story of the event, including perspectives of what happened, quotations from participants, interviews with featured presenters, or images and video of the actual event.

New article wizard[edit]

Try the tool at

or alternatively, use this in-wiki version:


To use the tool, the user does the following

  1. Create and login to a Wikimedia account
  2. Come to this page by searching for Wikinews:WikiReporter in the Wikinews search box
  3. Follow instructions at Wikinews:Editorslab to access the article generation wizard
    1. Enter your article's headline in the magic tool above
    2. Click the 'Create new article' button
    3. You will be directed to, where you will answer a series of questions about the event
    4. Copy the block of text produced
    5. Paste text from the article generation wizard into the “new article” creation page
  4. Click save page
  5. Use the WikiReporter photo campaign on Wikimedia Commons to upload event photos you have taken
  6. At this point, the article draft is queued for review by the Wikinews editorial community. A human will process this request, as is usual in this platform.
  7. Before or after the review process, other users may contribute more perspectives to the story
  8. The end result is that there is published online journalism about the event