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The Wikinews New Zealand Print Edition is a weekly edition of New Zealand stories published on Wikinews designed to offer a different way of reading Wikinews. It is also designed to help bring new users in, by allowing people to print copies and distribute them to those who would never otherwise hear about Wikinews.

If you have any questions, then please don't hesitate to either leave a message on this discussion page or leave a message on the editor's talk page (Nzgabriel).


Current edition (2007): 6 May-26 May +/-

Past editions (2007):

2006 editions.

Other formats

We have two different type of formats, one is the older SXW and the other is the newer ODT. We started using ODT as of September 24, 2006.

The file formats mentioned above are available on request.

Article count (2007)

  • 6 May-26 May: eight articles
  • 29 April-5 May: five articles
  • 22 April-28 April: four articles
  • 15 April-21 April: five articles
  • 8 April-14 April: five articles
  • 1 April-7 April: six articles
  • 18 March-31 March: seven articles
  • 11 March-17 March: five articles
  • 4 March-10 March: four articles
  • 25 February-3 March: four articles
  • 17 February-24 February: six articles
  • 11 February-17 February: two articles
  • 4 February-10 February: four articles
  • 28 January-3 February: six articles
  • 21 January-27 January: seven articles
  • 14 January-20 January: seven articles
  • 7 January-13 January: four articles
  • 1 January-6 January: five articles

2006 article count.