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Quakers Front page - Quaker's workspace - How to write an article

Welcome to the Quaker's workspace, the central place for writing and working on Quaker-related articles.

Start a new article

Anyone, including you, can write for Wikinews! Just type a title like Train named after Quakers in Bristol in the box below, click "Create article", and start writing:

See Quaker's Writing an article for full instructions.

Work on current stories

Many of the articles below need work on them in some way; feel free to start editing! To see what is and is not suitable for Wikinews articles, see the content guide and the site guidelines. You may find Wikinews:Article flags of use, in order to invite people to work on certain aspects of an article, or inform them about the state of the article, including a number of common problems which arise.

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Change articles status by changing the tag at the top of the article.
When the tag is changed, the status change will automatically be reflected below.
For news articles being written.
This propagates the story to the main Quakers page.
Articles under development
Developing stories
Recently published articles

Other Quaker Wikinewsies

This page is to help Friends work together. If you would like to sign your username so that other Quaker news writers can leave you messages, you can do so here. If you don't have a user account yet, use the sign-up link at the top of the page.