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When downloading Pitsilemu as tarball or from SVN, you'll see a file named


  • Open it with your favourite text editor.
  • You'll see:
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Rename this file to after configuring the bot parameters
pro="w" #wikiproject
idi="es" #wikilanguage
  • Replace:
  • nombre="BOTNAME" with the name of your bot. Example: nombre="Pitsilemu"
  • clave="" with the password of your bot (if registered with NickServ). Example: clave="HELLO"
  • canales=["CHANNELS"] with the channels your bot will join. Example: canales=["#pitsilemu, #wikinews"]
  • pro="w" with the project you want to work with. Example, if you will work on Wikibooks, use pro="n"
  • idi="es" with the language of the bot you'll work. Example, if the channel is in Malayalam, use idi="ml"
  • Don't edit sug="sug.txt"