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Maybe it's a good idea to first try an example project of 2, 3 places, instead of 1000. Even better is probably to directly contact the Indymedia people who set up projects like Ambazonia, and try to find out if they're interested in a kind of cooperation. They already have some experience with setting up projects, without any substantial amound of cash. Guaka 17:34, 18 Nov 2004 (UTC)


I would suggest this page to be brought to meta wikimedia. There seems little reason to think that digital divide has to do only with English-language wikinews. For example, there is a meta:proposals for new projects.

Some more substantive comments I have:

  • The proposal does not make use of our strength - the community-based content production. Isn't this something that we expect others to do through telecentre developments? Wikimedia Foundation and its members do not have expertise in how to plan, build, and manage an internet cafe. Nor is it in the central part of the Wikimedia Foundation's bylaws (See article II here).
  • True, digital divide is a big issue. Even the English Wikipedia does not offer truly global range of perspectives, and the information offered is mostly that of U.S., and some other countries with substantial English-speaking population. It would make Wikipedia more comprehensive if people from all over the world could really participate in it. Wikinews, having shorter cycle of content production, have bigger stake overcoming the digital divide.
  • But for that, Internet connection is only one of problems, others being (English) literacy and computing skills. The example project does not sound cost-efficient.
  • As a more feasible alternative, I would propose to make contacts with telecentres worldwide and see if we can promote our projects to potential participants, readers, and content-uers (such as press).

Tomos 02:29, 19 Nov 2004 (UTC)