Getty taps into Flickr snappers

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Flickr and Getty Images have announced an extension on their one year partnership. The new deal will grant Getty Images access to all 40 million registered users images. To protect privacy, users must opt into the project, though details are yet to emerge.

To ensure that Getty Images doesn't get free photographs, the owner of the image will be given a fee, however neither Flickr or Getty Images have yet confirmed what those rates will be. It is believed it will be an industry standard rate, currently averaging between US$150 and US$240 per image.

One such success story of the partnership is Hal Bergman. He joined Flickr in 2006 and has said the partnership, which he originally had been part of, had helped his carrier take off.

"I have been doing this for six years on the side and a year and a half ago I gave up my day job in website development," Mr. Bergman told BBC News, "I am working as a freelance and getting a lot of commission work and I would say this deal brings in about a third of my income".

Bergman has a total of 200 images used by Getty Images, and over 2,500 on another site, which he did not specify.

The new alliance is said to help encourage people to retry Getty Images, as well as making Getty Images a far more competitive alternative to microstock photo sites. The move should also benefit Flickr, by making it more appealing to professional photographers to post their images on the site. It is still unclear what standards Getty Images will use for the licensing program when a customer wants a photo.