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News briefs


The time is 17:00 (UTC) on August 18th, 2006, and this is Audio Wikinews News Briefs.


North Korea to accept international aid

North Korea

In the wake of last month's floods North Korea has agreed to accept aid from South Korean donors as well as international organisations.

North Korea reportedly planning nuclear bomb test

Citing unnamed senior military and State Department officials, ABC News says that there is new evidence that North Korea is planning an underground nuclear test bombing. The intelligence is based on "suspicious vehicle movement" as observed from either a spy satellite or a U-2 spy plane.

Chechen rebels surrender


A younger brother of Chechen warlord Doku Umarov is the latest of around 120 rebels whom have surrendered in the Russian republic Chechnya alone since an amnesty was declared following last month's killing of rebel leader Shamil Basayev.

Canadian soldier killed in accidental shooting laid to rest


The funeral for the Canadian soldier Jeffrey Walsh was in Regina. The Regina soldier died August 9, after he was wounded by another Canadian soldier's accidental discharge with a weapon near Kandahar, Afghanistan.

US senators on Greenland tour


The Danish government has invited a group of influential American politicians to Greenland, for them to witness with their own eyes the consequences of climate change on the arctic ice.

Muhammad cartoon row continues


Nearing the one year anniversary of the publication of twelve controversial editorial cartoons depicting Muhammad in a Danish newspaper, a leading authority of the Sunni Islam has demanded that the newspaper be shut down.

Irish firm issues free energy challenge to scientists


Irish firm Steorn has placed an advertisement in The Economist magazine asking for 12 scientists to test their "free energy" invention. The Dublin based firm, founded in 2000, says it has developed technology that takes a small amount of mechanical energy and returns a bigger amount, using magnetic fields.

Two New Zealand men ran illegal text lottery

New Zealand

Two New Zealand men have been convicted of running an illegal mobile text based competition after 27 winners did not receive the car prizes.

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia to have launch pad


The province of Nova Scotia has agreed to set aside 300 acres in Cape Breton for the country's first orbital launch facility, the Toronto Star reported Wednesday. announces second quarter results

United States has released its second quarter financial results, and associated statements - it's clear that the company has experienced both the ups and downs of executing on its goals.

Closing statements

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