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News briefs


The time is 17:00 (UTC) on June 9th, 2006, and this is Audio Wikinews News Briefs.


Mount Merapi erupts


Kevin Anderson, correspondent for the BBC, reports Mount Merapi is erupting.

34 people injured in Assam serial blasts


At least 34 people were injured when a series of explosions rocked different parts of the state of Assam in India, on Thursday night. According to the police, four explosions of a very high intensity occurred in different parts of the state after 7 p.m.

Details emerge on how al-Zarqawi's location was pinned


Someone said to be an informant within Abu Musab al-Zarwaqi's trusted circle told Coalition forces the insurgent leader was going to have a meeting, it has emerged. This information appears to have led US F-16Cs to a safehouse in the Iraqi town of Hibhid, where the Jordanian, and five others were killed on Wednesday.

Australian unemployment at lowest level in 30 years


Australian Prime Minister John Howard announced Australia's unemployment rate for May 2006 on Thursday. The rate had dropped to 4.9 percent, the first time since 1976 that unemployment in Australia had been below five percent.

26 Australian citizens detained in immigration centres


According to a government document, the Australian federal government has detained 26 Australian citizens in immigration detention centres over the past ten years. In its count, the document does not include high-profile cases involving Cornelia Rau, Vivian Solon and "Mr. T", for which the government has already accepted liability.

New HIV drug could stop virus from spreading

United States

In a small-scale trial on humans, American scientists say they may have developed a new drug that could stop the spread of HIV and "rapidly clears" the blood of the virus.

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