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Articles often get deleted. This is normal, as some articles simply don't belong on Wikinews. However, on some occasions, the author refuses to allow the deletion status and recreates the article. This isn't good: according to the speedy deletion criteria, recreated articles have to be speedy deleted. Once they have been deleted for a second time, it is a good idea to recreate them and protect them from editing, so one won't have to go through the process of re-deletion over and over again.

This is a maintenance category used to organize the articles that have been deleted and protected from recreation. If you delete an article for a second time, recreate it and put #REDIRECT [[Wikinews:Protected deletions]] [[Category:Protected deletions]] on the page. After an article has been protected for a while, Wikinews can simply do away with the essentially blank article. Pages can alternativly be directly protected without being recreated.

In addition, pages listed at Wikinews:Protected deletions/auto, will automatically be stoped from being created. These include:

Also, pages that match the following RegEx will not be created:

.*\/w\/index\.php.* <autoconfirmed> #to prevent stuff like User talk:FellowWikiNews/w/index.php?title=User:FellowWikiNews/w/index.php
# That's a title blacklist
# Every title that matches regex here are forbidden to create and edit
.*(gsth[ao]e|with(out)?[ .-]?tempo|tempo[ .-]?with(out)?).*
.*Buy SilVer*.
.*p[a|@]ss?w.*[o|0]rd.*(reset|recovery).* # spam
.*(get|reset|recover|contact).*a[o|0]l.* # spam
.*(get|reset|recover|contact).*y(a|@)hoo.* # spam
.*(get|reset|recover|contact).*avast.* # spam
.*jew(ish)? bot.* <newaccountonly>
.*(mcauliffe|kate mca).* <newaccountonly>
.*penis.* <newaccountonly>
.*ch[3e]ckus[3e]r.* <newaccountonly>
.*me[at][te]puppet.* <newaccountonly>
.*\bky[0o]c?k[0o].* <newaccountonly>
.*JarlaxleArtemis.* <newaccountonly>
.*prostitute.* <newaccountonly>
.*(genetals|genitals).* <newaccountonly>
.*Grawp.* <newaccountonly>
.*pussy.* <newaccountonly>
.*cock(s?).* <newaccountonly>
.*[RRЯŘŖŔṜ][MМṂΜM][НHΉĤΗH][EЕẼĘĒΕÉËÊÈĖ][DĎ].* <newaccountonly>
.*play(s|ing) with blocks.* <newaccountonly>
.*STFU.* <newaccountonly>
.*(W|w)iki(N|n)ews.* <newaccountonly>
.*(W|w)ikipedia.* <newaccountonly>
.*George Walker Bush.* <newaccountonly>
.*George Bush.* <newaccountonly>
.*The Th[1i]ng.* <newaccountonly>
.*(?i:onfir).* <newaccountonly>
.* (\ba|A)(?i:dmin)
.* (\bs|S)(?i:ysop)
.* (\bm|M)(?i:oderator)
.* (?i:peni(s|5))
.* (?i:vagina)
.* (?i:cocksucker)
.* (?i:fu[c(k]k)
.* (\bo|O)(?i:n wheels)
.* (\bs|S)(?i:crotum)
.* (\bo|O)(?i:rgasm)
.* (?i:jimbo wales)
.* \.(com|org|co\.uk|net|info)\b
.*[Kk][A-Z][a-z]tt[A-Z][a-z]esonf.* <newaccountonly>
.* (?i:fellatio)
.* (?i:cunnilingus)
.* (?i:dildo)
.* (\ba|A)(?i:rbitrate|rbitrator)
.* (\bo|O)(?i:versight)
.* (\bc|C)(?i:heckuser)
.* 卐
.* 卍
.* \bMER\-C\s.+
.* (?i:Hash raid)

#Lifted from Commons
.*(?:suck|his|your|my) penis.* <moveonly>
.*va[gġ]ina.* <newaccountonly>
.*coċk.* <newaccountonly>
.*Lawl,.* <moveonly>
.*h[iíl1]t(?-i:[LlI1])[e3]r.* <newaccountonly>
.*[ií1]d[ií1][o0]t.* <newaccountonly>
.*[НHΗ][EЕΕ]R[MМΜ][YΥ].* <casesensitive>
.*[НHΗ][AΑΑ]GG[EЕΕ]R.* <casesensitive>
.*\bHERMY.* <casesensitive>
.*? on wheels
.*\bis\s+(?:a|an)\s+(?:dick|cunt|fag|bitch|shit|fuck|fucker|loser|ass|gay|ghey|moron|retard|stupid|slut|pa?edo).* <autoconfirmed>