Comments:"Bigoted woman": controversial Gordon Brown remarks caught on air

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Comments from feedback form - "Great page!"001:37, 7 May 2010
Yup303:29, 1 May 2010
Comments from feedback form - "I don't see why the article is..."016:56, 30 April 2010
Comments from feedback form - "So he called a bigoted woman a..."008:46, 30 April 2010
I'm disgusted...006:00, 30 April 2010

Comments from feedback form - "Great page!"

Great page! (talk)01:37, 7 May 2010

Of course this will hurt his campaign, even though what he said was true. People hate being reminded that they are bigots. Everyone who hears this story will paste their own idea of what a sweet old nanna is like on top of this woman who might be a total nutbar. Then its like Gordon Brown insulted your grandma. Its entirely possible that these same people, upon meeting said woman, would react identically to Mr. Brown, however no one will take this into consideration when they crucify him come election. (talk)19:12, 29 April 2010

It certainly won't help his campaign. (talk)21:14, 29 April 2010

He's dead in the water. The only way he would win if the other two candidates kill each other.--KDP3 (talk) 03:23, 30 April 2010 (UTC)

KDP3 (talk)03:23, 30 April 2010

So another politician gets caught revealing the way they all feel about voters who question them. The're all idiots. At least he's not having an affair?

Iddiepro (talk)03:29, 1 May 2010

Comments from feedback form - "I don't see why the article is..."

I don't see why the article is really so against Brown. It also didn't mention wether the recording was intentional or not. (talk)16:56, 30 April 2010

Comments from feedback form - "So he called a bigoted woman a..."

So he called a bigoted woman a bigoted woman? He should have punched her in the head. I can see the headline now, "UK Prime Minister Brown does something that he actually might have to apologize for." We should just get rid of freedoms and human rights now, instead of dealing with this slow decline into more and more stifling idiocy because everyone in the world has a case of "butthurt." (talk)08:46, 30 April 2010

I'm disgusted...

...that Gordon Brown would apologize for this. The comment she made was bigoted, and yet for some reason Brown's the one taking all the flak. Anyone who makes a bigoted comment should be called what they are! (talk)06:00, 30 April 2010