Comments:At least 7 killed in Wisconsin shooting rampage

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This is just another ongoing assault against the general public in the so called “war on terror” just a few days ago wrist and arm were being broken when a girl accidently drop a cake and cleaned it up. At airports TSA or the Transportation Security Administration you know the forty thieves protecting our airports love insulting female passengers and grabbing their breasts. Today if female passengers do not like having their breasts grabbed the TSA or the Transportation Security Administration will handcuff and today they are now killing female passengers who do not like their approach. Please Paul Craig Roberts on police brutality.

That has got to be the most paranoid paragraph I have seen in my life. Besides the fact that this has nothing to do with terrorism or counter-terrorism at all. Contralya 08:25, 8 October 2007 (UTC)

The act of a Deputy Sheriff[edit]

I truly feel sad for the victims of this rampage. This act was committed by a Forest County deputy sheriff. This is more evidence that we need the right to keep and bear arms to protect us from the government. The fact you wear a uniform does not make you more moral, saner or less power hungry than an average citizen.

- A human is a human

  • Protect from the government? Even more paranoia. This deputy was BARELY OUT OF HIGH-SCHOOL, and him killing people doesn't in any way represent absurd accusations of oppressive government. People who think the U.S. government is oppressive, don't know what oppression is. If I see another paranoid post here, I am gonna vomit all over my keyboard. Contralya 02:58, 9 October 2007 (UTC)

Yes, from the government. The fact that the United States is freer than most nations on Earth does not make it free. You do not think the U.S. government can be oppressive? Tell that to the Native American tribes who were forced off their land at the whim of the government. Tell that to the Branch Davidians who were murdered in cold blood. Tell that to the victims of no-knock raids. Tell that to people with cancer, AIDS or back pain who were thrown in jail because of their chosen remedy (THC). Tell that to the descendents of slaves who were forced back to their "owners" under the Fugitive Slave Law. I am not paranoid but I am also not ignorant of my own nation's history. I know it can be oppressive. I know we must be prepared to protect our own liberty.

- A human is a human

Here we go with the blame game...[edit]

How about, with this tradegy, we mourne without the need for blaming anything. Lets not blame video games, movies, the goverment, the police, culture, guns, the education system, the parents or anything else. It's a tradegy, but the only person responsible for gun shootings is the person pulling the trigger.

  • Yes. And he probably did it because of stress, and his childhood. Forget the government things, that is just outright paranoia. Grand theft auto is pretty violent though, I doubt it has caused any specific deaths. Contralya 03:24, 9 October 2007 (UTC)