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Re: Bomb explosion kills two in Nwpal church[edit]

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The loss of lives resulted by explosion inside the church is truly condemnable. However, few things must be considered well, before jumping into any conclusions, as to why it might have happened. The growing number of missionaries are responsible for converting many poor hindu Nepalese into Christians. These missionaries give some amount to poor communities in the name of improving lives, but with main mission to convert them from Hindus to Christian. This shouldn't be tolerated either. Where is the morality? Had these missionaries been so keen on uplifting lives of poor Nepalese, they could have started some project, rather than converting religions. And I believe, this is the very reason why this bomb explosion happened. I truly condemn this explosion. However, missionaries here in Nepal should not try to convert people in the name of development.

Why should missionaries not be allowed to advocate for other people to adopt their religious views? In civilized societies, we have the concept of freedom of speech, and also that of freedom of religion, in view of which I fail to see any actual misconduct couched among your insinuations. Christians come to Nepal and render various humanitarian and educational assistance by your own admission, yet you suggest that for also bringing a desire to share their faith they should have expected terrorism and murder as a due consequence? By saying that the religious activities of religious missionaries "shouldn't be tolerated either" you imply a parity between the "intolerable" action of witnessing to Hindus and the crime of ideologically motivated murder, so excuse me if I regard you an apologist for these actions rather than a neutral observer who is legitimately appalled. This is possibly the most outrageous and uneducated thing I have ever read on Wikinews, and I can only hope that this barbarous sentiment is not widespread in Nepal or elsewhere. (talk) 00:08, 26 May 2009 (UTC)

first the world is created by the Lord and this His resposibility to give the right to do anything. as it is said if you want to know the plants then you must see the friuts. Prithivi Narayan Shah unified and said Nepal is the common gardden of four casts and thirty six casts. why not the christisns live here and before adopting the christianity they were Nepalise too.