Comments:Bush signs law to build fence at US-Mexico border

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Border wall is long overdue, the last amnesty gave a preferential racial profile approval to the hispanic population. What about the rest of the world equal access, if they would have known, they could have rushed into the country illegally. A few facts: In Phoenix, Arizona; a high concentration of illegals. By judicial statistics here, nearly half of DWIs are committed by illegal immigrants, 80% of heinous crimes... the disproportionate statistics continue. When local leaders and groups who were pro saw this, they stopped the statistic gathering. No statistic- no problem. Only a handful of corporate employers benefit from the illegal workforce. They make millions on this below market labor. There are plenty of people to do the work, but the euphamism is there is no one to do the job> aka is they could not work for the poor wages, though you were still billing for scale. The housing industry busted out with 50% increase in housing. Wages did not change. Material did not change significantly.

Proof, when an employer refuses to pay market value and threatens employees with, if you wont take the paycut, I will replace you with a Mexican. This was giving their job away illegally.

Another problem with those here criminally, they have already shown a disregard for the law. They realize that they can break the law here and then negotiate to deport to return within the week under a new, stolen identity. Know of it personally. Employers finding a false SS number, a friend who is a framing forman, says jose left in the morning returning the next day and introduced himself as Bob. The employer, KBI, Pulte Homes, most large corporate construction are involved actually facilitated and assisted them coming up with new IDs.

I run with construction company owners... in survey have all heard the threat from illegals, "I know where you live... I will..." damage, or harm your women. Too many are bottom feeders. They also are notorious for construction project sabatage. Damaging the other trades or their own. To be found on completion and repaired for thousands. The general contractor doesnt lose, he force feeds it to the subs.

Cost to deport, $200.. Annual avg burden per illegal: Schooling at $4500/child- est 80,000 in Arizona alone; hospital care general plus work injuries suffered by illegals and then dumped on ER doorstep not covered under workman's comp; crime- incarceration, property damage, theft 80% of stolen vehicles to Mexico; burden on police community; cost to victims; loss of life from criminal activity- loss of income earner to family; suppressed wages of legal citizens; preying on legal hispanic community; most of hispanic gang activity is illegal alien related; destruction of neighborhoods from overcrowding; human crime- trafficking, slavery... this is the tip of the iceberg. Direct Cost to allow to stay, 3k to 5k/year. Indirect cost to legal citizens due to forced reduced income, loss of income, foreclosure... Billions... year after year! $200 sounds pretty cheap.

This is not about racial prejudice issue anymore than slavery was. These are human problems. The blacks gathered up in the 1600 to 1800 and sold into slavery were gathered by other black African tribes. The Jews were caught in slavery to Egyptians and Romans. There is still slavery going on in Africa, Middle East.. White slavery here in the United States. Russians conning young women from Russia here for work to find themselves trapped and constrained into the sex trade. Hyspanics conning young women from Mexico and South America here for work to find themselves caught as sex slaves in border massage parlors. The control exercised over them is the threat of harming their family back home. The family is unaware. They are often the same ethnic group preying on their own people for profit; easier for them because they are familiar to the areas. You've got the Catholics and Protestants going at it in Ireland... the problem is the same. This is idealogical prejudice. They are neighbors. The red herring/ diversion is to ring the race bell...

R Stone