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Dr. Murray overestimated his medical abilities.013:39, 10 June 2013
The Day of Reckoning203:21, 2 January 2012

Dr. Murray overestimated his medical abilities.

This is what I think. (And I'm a medical layman, go figure.) Administering a highly dangerous drug such as Propofol CANNOT be done in a private bedroom. What you need here is an array of clinical apparatuses specially crafted for this kind of thing; you need not be a studied physician to see that fact. And these machines cost a man's fortune and usually cannot be afforded by a lone physician alone, which is the simple reason why you won't find anyone of them carrying one of these around in his pick-up truck...Plus, the presence of an anestethist alone can be the decisive figure between exitus or survival. Jackson's life was literally on a SILKY STRING. And Murray had played with that silky string as if it was a steel rope. On the other hand, it was, admittedly, also a Catch-22 kind of situation. Your patient - and a worldwide respected celebrity at that - almost FORCING you to give him a IV infusion, and you feeling as if you would endanger the private friendship to this man by repeatedly refusing to fulfil his wishes. But alas, it's not that simple: if you find your patient in a kind of delirium, sometimes talking weird things while asleep or (half-)awake, you should not feel like a monster if you decide to say "NO." And even if Michael, much later, had said "Why did you act against my wishes? Can we still be friends now?", you could have replied, calmly: "Of course we can. Because, if I had done as you told me to, you would not be speaking to me now but be lying 6 feet under instead! Do you copy that?". I'm sure "even" Michael Jackson would have seen reason in this case. -andy (talk) 13:31, 10 June 2013 (UTC) (talk)13:31, 10 June 2013

The Day of Reckoning

Things are not always clear cut. There is a bit of true in everything. In the bizarre world of Michael Jackson we may never know what’s true and what’s false with absolute certitude. The bottom line is, whether you are rich or poor, free or in jail, we all try to live another day and the “situation” we are in becomes our world; we adapt. Michael failed at that, surely he was like a great dinosaur, and like the dinosaurs he became extinct because he couldn’t adapt. Michael Jackson had major issues, he didn't know who he was, but for most people out there it's easier to believe a simple lie rather than a complicated truth. Dr. Murray is not the only greedy person in the never-ending MJ saga. Greed… this is the crooked timber of humanity. In the crux of this drama I would like to jump from that into another shameful exploitati­on of MJ. A line of perfumes dedicated to Michael is about to be launched by Joe Jackson and a profession­al scam-artis­t who is much spookier than Dr. Murray, Julian Franck Rouas. This story will make your eyes curl up in the back of your head when you’ll read about the psychologi­cally malevolent Julian Rouas and the Jackson Tribute Fragrances rogue operation. With no functionin­g conscience­, they have even used Michael’s kids to promote the stinking perfumes. See the sickening photos… THE JACKSON TRIBUTE FRAGRANCES SCAM (talk)23:02, 30 November 2011

So true. Michael Jackson had many problems he could't get over, but the Jackson family of it self have problems. (talk)17:11, 2 December 2011

4 years is to little (talk)03:21, 2 January 2012