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Hi I would just like to know more about Canupa gluha mani--what are his views politically and how is he connected to the Bulgarian Freedom Fighters? Thru his wife? Where is this group located in the US or Europe? these freedom fighters could be big trouble--like not very nice people who could be the Bulgarian Mafia

My dad [Vasil Pivtchev] was the orginal [[Bulgarian Freedom Fighters] here in WNY! He wanted help from the US to get the Russians out of Bulgaria but we got nothing. As far as I know the group disolved when the Russian wall fell down! I think he sould really check into which groups he associates himself with--

At least Canupa has the guts to say who killed these --now maybe the whole truth will come out and they will finally let Lenoard Pelletier go free--Set this man free--put the guys who did the crime in!

Irina Pivtchev

ps--my dad is considered a hero in his home land now!

i strongly belive in my heart that this nation should be free give them a chance and see if they make it .if we ended racium prove it let them be free give them back there sacred hoop this countery hasnt did anything for them but kill them our four father didnt understand them so they killed them us lied under there treaty wen we bought the land from frace we were supossed to respect them and didnt .because we cant be 1 nation under god if we cant live in unity anyways.all we do is destroy thats are culture .were a loss people .if they think and know we cant do the job rite let them do it .they have nothing to lose .and may god bless them and god bless u haters to if we dont like we should help them so we dont have to waist fedural money on them saves tax payers money that way .so we should do the write thing and give them back they land .they are the true earth people .and we are the let them have back wat we havent destroyed .let there people be free if not let us help them fix there sacred hoop .and say sorry we were wrong i man enough to say it are u .ill go to there sweatlodge myself and tell them if the us is afraid .enough is enough the mother earth has nothing else to offer.we took it all let the land lords have it back let the fix it since we cant. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 07:59, 14 July 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I know this man is a felon that is why he has changed his name to canupa gluha mani his real name is duane martin a man once imprisoned in the nebraska federal prison. His young daughter sits in a jail cell waiting to be free while hes out soliciting the white for money. Why do you you all pity such a false man please remove him until you do your research to find the truth. He is a ex felon and owes child support he was a former abuser of alcohol and drugs. He has warrants in pennington county check the sheriffs list. I am not sure how he became such a leader all of a sudden but he has you all fooled. He is not a leader but a user and abuser of my peoples rights and their sacred pipe. D looks hard

This includes Duane Martin - Canupa Gluha Mani.[edit]

This message is for ALL of my Oglala Lakota people who claim to be "Society Members". A place in our "Societies" was not always given just because one was born into that bloodline. It had to be earned. This includes Duane Martin - Canupa Gluha Mani. There are duties and obligations that go along with being a society member, each and every day, not just when you want to gather in a crowd and protest. You have a responsibility to your Lakota, Nakota and Dakota people and are expected to conduct yourself accordingly. Respect and honor doesn't come from being a member of a society that may or not be recognized by our Traditional Elders. It comes from an individual living the morals and ethics of his and her Ancestors. Haul water for those who need it, give food and shelter to those without, protect our people from those who sell alcohol and drugs in our communities, disband gangs that have no place in our society as Oglala Lakota. Fulfill the duties and obligations that should have been an integral part of your upbringing since infancy. Being a member of a "Society" carries duties and responsibilities to the Lakota, Nakota and Dakota people. You are not above the people, you are one of them, and are answerable to them for your actions. Look at yourself and decide if you are doing things in an honorable and respectful way for your community and people, or if you have ulterior motives. Then decide for yourself whether you are entitled to be a representative of your "Society" and people. Take off that mask so your people can know who you are and recognize you for where you stand. Even if it's not where they want you to stand at least you've taken one. And always start and end with a prayer of thanks.