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Crossing guard killed by truck in Glasgow, Scotland


Pure speculation regarding the cause of thbis accident.

Would it not be better to wait until an investigation has commenced until spouting this

"It could have been a case of the driver not being able to see her because the vehicle is quite high as he caught her on the passenger side. It's not clear whether she gave him enough time to stop or whether the driver has failed to stop. It was snowing as well so that could have been a factor." How could the driver not see, he drives this lorry daily as all lorry drivers do, regardless of what side! Gave enough time? Drivers should of been aware the lady was there! Snowing, on the photo I see, the road is black, so little snow.

We have reports on a regular basis from all involved in this job, of near misses, of drivers who ignore the request to stop, of those who simply drive round them, or drive up to them revving engines to intimidate.

We are currently trying to improve school bus transport safety in the UK, by increasing visibility of the school bus safety sign, by incorporating flashing signs within the sign, or also on the bus.

This could also be done with the crossing officers sign, give them, & we ask for the same on school transport, the proper tools for the job.

To face traffic in this day & age with a yellow coat & STOP sign is not enough, if flashing lights are good enough for mounted police, then surely for these crossing officers.

Very sadly another death through helping children, our thoughts are with the family at this time. Ron Beaty School bus safety group

The member of the public was probably asked to offer his speculation on the cause of the accident, so it's not really his fault that the question was answered. "Gave enough time? Drivers should of been aware the lady was there!" - Actually, it is one thing to know someone is there, quite another to expect them to jump out in front of you. After all, she is supposed to do it safely; that means giving drivers a chance to react and stop, not throwing herself under trucks.
All that said, I doubt that's what happened. If you want my speculation I'd make it clear I don't have a clue, then say that the best odds are the driver was paying no attention. Blood Red Sandman (Talk) (Contribs) 18:29, 15 January 2010 (UTC)Reply