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Many Rohm and Haas employees are upset about this deal, half a world away there is some other news on Dow that has citizens even more disgruntled - Dow's facility under construction outside of Bombay was torched a few weeks ago by members of a Hindu religious sect, who feel that Dow's legacy in Bhopal and around the world is unacceptable and that Dow will destroy the area that is sacred to them. Villagers next to the plant have been protesting peacefully since January - grinding construction to a halt since then. The sect which destroyed the facility, has pledged to do so again should Dow resume construction. Dow's refusal to present Union Carbide in Indian criminal court, or clean up the Bhopal facility that Carbide allowed to contaminate the drinking water in Bhopal has angered millions of Indian citizens. Pictures of the destruction can be seen here:

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