Comments:Hundreds of Czech far-right activists detained after anti-Roma protests

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Hitler also during World War II persecuted many "Roma Gypsy" people's of Central and Eastern Europe

The Gypsies, or Romanies, Roma or Irish and Scottish Travellers, Roma gypsies have the following charistics dark brown skin, and eyes, black hair. They are mostly slim and scrawny. They are known for swearing and cursing, lying, stealing, being uncivilised and most of all BLARNEY!. Also in Irelands case it is alleged that they travelled through Spain and picked up there horses and flamingo (River Dance) dancing and took that culture to Ireland. It is common for English people to say that many Gypsies come from Ireland. And the little girl called Marie allegedly stolen by Roma gypsies in Greece. And the Roma gypsies in Ireland and other Roma peoples are identical .Just google "Roma Ireland" "Roma DNA" and look at all those links and then look at the images and then please make your own opinon. Roma gypsies are everywhere in Europe and are said to be from Indian or Pakistan area. Hitler also during World War II persacuted "Roma Gypsy" people in Central and Eastern Europe. He placed them in labour, internment or concentration camps. And so many Roma gypsie's died under Hilter's command in camps like Lety, Hodonin concentration camp in the former Czechoslovakia. If you delete what I write, then I will do the same with yours. Please read and make your own opinion. (talk)09:16, 26 October 2013