Comments:Interview with U.S. Republican Presidential candidate Tom Tancredo

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Tancredo: We're not the Democrats[edit]

This should be the headline. No, seriously - is this all they got? No ideas of their own whatsoever? --+Deprifry+ 21:23, 25 September 2007 (UTC)

SO WHAT'S THE "Democratic" idea, now that I have no idea of what the :Republican" idea is?


replying to deprivry[edit]

Deprifry has not been paying attention, or is practicing selective listening. Maybe s/he just does not want to know the truth. I for one appreciated this interview with Congressman Tancredo. For once he got to fully answer questions without being cut off or someone trying to ask a question then answer it for him. IMO Tom Tancredo is the only candidate from either party who will pull our nation back toward what the founders intended instead of sliding further toward the North American Union the Council on Foreign Relations has set a goal to reach before 2010. If either of the CFR controlled media selected top tier candidates from either party is elected in 2008 we will no longer be a Free and Independent nation. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights will be shredded and we will never get it back. msbobbie Sept 29, 2007

Is this guy for real?[edit]

A group of people who are Muslim hate the United States and decide to bomb them... so the United States bombs a Muslim holy site, thereby making every Muslims hate them instead of just a few? Isn't that playing into Osama bin Laden's hands by literally declaring war on Islam???

Basically yes. Say what you will about President Bush, at least he's not a psychopath.