Comments:Iran reveals nuclear designs to IAEA

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Nuclear Weapons?? I thought wikinews is unbiased[edit]

It's clear whoever wrote this article had one thing in mind. All of the designs submitted by Iran were for the purpose of transparency and none what so ever could even suggest the slightest weapon aim except for peaceful power generation purposes. The analogy here is as if a company submitted plans for a new opiate medication to help the sick, and a news reporter said the medicine "could be used to sell to heroin addicts and illicit markets by the company" without no proof just to hype up an interest.

Anything nuclear, even a pellet of uranium can be used for peace or for bombs. There is no evidence for any weapons programmes despite the Zionist hungry media trying to impose false defaming views on Iran to feed Israel's interests, domination and safety in the region. In the same manner WMD was the hyped up false accusations of pre-invaded Iraq. It seems any government who opposes Israel's domineering views is being removed by the USA. It's simple, either be an semitic, or an anti-semitic. Either be with them, or against them. Thats the real war.

Please change the title, and have a look at the plans yourself. -- 19:08, 14 November 2007 (UTC)[reply]