Comments:Iraq's President supports U.S. Senate plan to decentralize Iraq

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There are two seperate questions at stake here: firstly, do US senators have the remit to make law in other countries? and secondly, is a federal system where the three main regional and religious groups are represented with a significant degree of independence desirable? The answers are no and yes respectively. Unfortunately Americans think they have a God given right to rule the world, just as the Britsh did 100 years ago. Equally unfortunate is that a nation cannot divide peaceably into neat regional/religious groups, history testifies that this process will be a bloodthirsty one, but I believe other alternatives (such as pretending Iraq is one big happy family, despite all the evidence) will be even more destructive. We should be wary of Sunni muslims trying to cling to power and whipping up anti-american feeling as a means of doing so, Kurds and shi-ites have equal right to be represented in iraq.