Comments:King of Tonga to hand power to Prime Minister, ending era of absolute monarchy

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out with the old in with ridiculous[edit]

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i think this is a tragic moment to the history of our tongan kingdom. the thought of ending absolute power of the king? just boggles my mind. don't get get me wrong i too want the best for our people,but the reason why we as a kingdom has lasted so long against the grain of the years is that our monarchs before worked WITH the people. i have kept up with the media surrounding the pro-democracy movement and it just seems to me that either our king was muscled to give it up because of threat, or he is just lazy. tonga is still the only kingdom left in the south pacific, but our monarch is just a dude there to give reassurance to the world that we still have a king physically, that's how i see it. they talk about getting into more of a democratic way of governance, that's great but let us not turn into our western counter-parts. let our democracy be a democracy based on the best interest of the tongans, a tongan democracy. from what information i have read from the media it as if they want to instill a form of democracy that is very familiar to the one im used to in the states. if that is the case i DO NOT see a very prosperous future for our people because, then we as a people will become more individualistic rather than be more communal. tongan culture is based on va(relationship) and faka'apa'apa(respect). i wonder with the more democratic way of life how long the respect and relationships for our monarch will last? and what is a king with little power? marinade on that

Kingdom of Tonga!![edit]

  Will our Kingdom be called Republic of Tonga instead?
  Lets Face it It's all about Money..  —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 09:54, 20 March 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply] 

it is not correct that Sevele is the first democratic elected prime minister, never ever a democratic elected tongan prime minister in the history of the kingdom. he was not elected, he was selected by one person to become prime minister. this is the non democratic action needed changes. he may have been elected to become members of parliament representing people elected him, BUT, to become prime minister he was selected by the king. THIS IS FACTUAL UNTOUGHTEDLY CORRECT.- (talk) 05:40, 27 May 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]