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Perterbed by this, I feel these people would know if they saw a meteorite smash into the ground outside thier village. Scientists who werent there, nor have they gone there to see, simply say naa, must be wrong I think they would know.

" Is it really a meteor?: "or another way of alleviating the population in peru"[edit]

as far as the investiagtor said that it was a meteor,though some thought that it was not.well my opinion is, i dont think that it was a meteor thaT blasted at could a space object had that impact to spread such scenerio like that and that and can create diseases which resulted of vomitting.nausea and etc, to those people who lived there?...i guess its one way of those groups or organization who wants to have social change or world change.that event presented and happened in a systematic and very well scientifically made.that blast was not just a coincidence rather i percieved it as an intented phenomena.people behind that unhumanly plan is for sure got they're achievement.furthermore as stated in the report of the other investigator.there had been wastes that found out.that statement alone vouched that it was intented that, that waste will be thrown on that wrap up..that event will be viewed as one of the hollywood was scripted! —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 10:40, 19 December 2007 (UTC)