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The bizar thing is their has been an exact paralel case here in netherlands this week. a woman died after being told she did not have cancer by a "prayer healer", she didn't appear in court because she felt something awfull coming for her this week. suggesting btw. she feared getting shot (wich might have well resulted in netherlands in the clearing of her name, actually every nuthead that "fears getting shot" is 'in' in dutch media and politics.). I think the problem with the kind is for a natural healer the aggressive methods of chemical medicin prohibit most and with chemotherapy almost all natural interaction with the body. It's apreciable when you even hold back on aspirin how much better it keeps working. Unless you use other medicins. It does not matter very much for this if someone is a very serious healer, or one (more or less) seriously flawed, the theory here is that in serious case the common doctors are involved. In practice many of their medicins disturb the body functions to much to say that this can be a completely serious exchange. "we" see their patients die of chemo etc. still, (usually it's about the huge side effects on overall healt and conditions) they see people that "they" think had a chance. The dutch lady is a good example of 'the spirited kind of healer'. That's slightly different. The usual herbalist definitly sends someone with lymphomes to the regular branch.

Where i assume in the parent is overconfident, after all from the holistic perspective it is obvious environmental factors probably play a role(like eg. dpu,(radioactive) polution. etc. etc. etc . Like it is hard to naturally cure when you are full of chemical medicins, it is harder to treat a chemicaly provoced(etc.) affliction with natural cures. I thought i'd add it to the discussion. (talk) 04:07, 22 May 2009 (UTC)


It would be bizarre to believe that you can cure any illness, including cancer, with roadside weeds and colonic cleansing. Doctors around the world spend their lives studying disease and chemical reactions of the human body, and they walk away believing that chemotherapy is the most effective treatment. If a world full of professionals, who dedicate their lives to curing cancer, think that chemotherapy is the best medicine, IT IS.

who has the right to force him to chemo treatment?[edit]

its apparent they dont want him to recieve that treatment so just leave it alone.

The Family may not have the scientific knowledge that some have but he wishes to handle it using a different method. The article refers to another person "Billy Best" as also taking another method of treatment running from his chemo treatment he is alive and well is he not?people are making the mistake of thinking they have the right to make decisions for him as they see fit, Another factor may be the idea of chemotherapy and the fact it uses radiation to kill cancer cells. They dont just kill cancer cells they kill cells both good, and bad. lymphoma is more sensitive than most cancers and can be treated very effectively, but it does kill those hair foliclules, cells in dgestive tract etc. I wont even begin to understand the full complexities but what the hell does the government think they are doing removing the families right to proper treatment as they see fit.

who has the right to force him to chemo treatment?[edit]

His parents. He is only a thirteen year old boy.

"...totally disregarding the rights of his parents and himself." Parents do not have the right to kill their child. They do not have the right to starve a child to death or refuse treatment that will save the child's life. If he was an adult he could make the choice to die. Since he is not, and his parents are negligent, he is a ward of the state, and it is their decision what to do with him.

Supplementary, Complementary, and Alternative Medicines are SCAMS![edit]

This is the harm caused by unproven medical practices. It causes uneducated and/or naive people to ignore the proven medical practices. This women is presenting a death sentence for her son. Only science education, critical thinking skills, and skeptical training will prevent such fallacious reasoning in the future.

the mother is endangering the boy's health. He is not old enough to make the decision, and the mother is clearly not responsible enough. make him take it.

I entirely agree. This child has a curable neoplasm, and he must be treated. Immunize (talk) 23:03, 20 May 2010 (UTC)