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I bet Putin can't wait for an Iranian made nuke to blow up a city in the west. It is clear that Putin's Russia (he has un-restrained power and controls the media) wants to harm the west as much as possible. He has said himself that he wished that there was still a U.S.S.R, and he is going to be prime minister, than president again. Ex-KGB agent he is, Soviet secret police. Contralya 02:42, 17 October 2007 (UTC)Contralya 02:39, 17 October 2007 (UTC)Reply

Please explain how "[Putin] has un-restrained power and controls the media" implies that "it is clear that Putin's Russia ... wants to harm the west". That is not cause and effect. Wikisoup 16:41, 17 October 2007 (UTC)Reply

Bad idea Vlady. You're "Putin" Russia's money in the wrong place.

Arrrrgh. Either way, this is Russia just acting like a rebellious teenager. Fephisto 12:58, 17 October 2007 (UTC)Reply

^wow, do you work for the sun, that headline belongs in the sun, hell its probably too good for the sun! Anyway i don't see a problem with Russia getting involved, even if putin is anti-west his involvement will surely help keep the program peacefull

  • I am not so sure about that. He has been conflicting with the west in nearly all things, like anywhere there needs to be peacekeeping. He is mad that previously USSR nations are democratic and in NATO. He thinks the U.S. is evil (he IS a ex-KGB agent). This guy needs to be assassinated or something, because he is going to be ruling Russia for generations if he isn't. In Russia, only one party has any chance of winning, Putin has all of the power, there are no checks and balances, and Putin controls the media. The reason his approval rating is so high is because the media portrays him as perfect, and doesn't criticize their leader like free nation's media does. He is the De Facto dictator of Russia, get used to it. And he wants to get rid of the west. Contralya 12:12, 17 October 2007 (UTC)Reply
Are you kidding? "This guy needs to be assassinated" ... because "He is mad" and "He has been conflicting with the west in nearly all things"?? Thanks for the rigorous analysis. Wikisoup 16:39, 17 October 2007 (UTC)Reply

Meh, this will make things more interesting. GJ Putin

I've agree with Russian view point. To delay this project will give to more time to made necessary negotiations about the future of this program.

"Will give to more time to"?? Contralya 14:26, 17 October 2007 (UTC)Reply

new title because I don't know how to add on


Either Putin is an ignorant, simple, kind man; he weighed the risks carefully, then decided to go ahead; or he's helping Iran make nuclear weapons. And that's about a 1-in-5 chance he is, and it may be 1-in-50. I don't know! Mutton333 23:09, 17 October 2007 (UTC)Reply

Just another Anti-US move


Putin has no reason to do this other than to show his contempt for the U.S