Comments:Researcher claims solution to P vs NP math problem

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I think this is the answer to this problem.

What is a solution: 1. It should be possible to write it as an algebraic expression 2. It should can answer different questions

The answer to that question= Verified a solution

It means that answer of a question is proportional to solution (that has those conditions)

When there isn’t any answer for 2⅓ it means math is not complete and need a new topic. So for P and NP problem math may need a new topic.
Parym (symbol:b (not the main symbol) ): everything you do on a number to number equals to it. 

When we say that Parym is a member of a set it means that numbers have to be a member of that set. Some examples for Parym: 1. b2

              b∈N( it means that you can’t use negative or minus numbers)
               b{ 16 }                          
               If you write 16÷2 is wrong because we have to know where does 2 come from.            
               Solution: 16+16=32 , 32-16=2

2. b2

       b{3 }

this is the answer

                            It has an answer ( so because it has answer it means solution is right and find               
       b∈N                            that is easy) but doesn’t have any answer( so can’t also be quickly solved by a 
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