Comments:Sam Brownback on running for President, gay rights, the Middle East and religion

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I live in Indonesia as a teacher and I was very impressed with the quality of this interview. I felt that the responses were concise and the topics were well represented. I feel much better informed after reading some of the information contained within this interview. I feel that where faith and science seem to have a disagreement that science, given time,will find out that what was stated in the Bible was the truth and that science has yet to find out the complete truth that touches that issue. For example, Electricity and the "right-hand" "left-hand" thoery of the cycle of electricity. When confronted, science was wrong and the science books were changed to concur. How about the "flat world thoery" and the "earth is the center of the universe with the sun revolving around it" both of those ideas branded the original folks who opposed those ideas as heritics until truth was later uncovered. Gold is not clear in color to those who can only purify by the original methods. But nuclear scientists have worked with gold super-heated in nuclear furnaces and have seen that the purest gold is crystal clear. A claim that the Bible made all along. I have faith to believe that if God said that He created everything in 6 days then He did exactly that. And if we can add up all the ages of each father at the time of his offspring's birth then I would use that as proof that the earth is probably less than 20,000 years old. The silting of the Mississippi Delta has been sited as proof of the "Young earth" theory. My information was read in literature provided by the Institute for Creation Science. However I could not cite chapter and line for details. I feel the interviewer was very fair and ready to touch on subjects with which he did not necessarily agree and yet did not editorialize. Both interviewer and interviewee should be commended in my opinion. Donna Edwards, Jakarta, Indonesia.