Comments:Sudan boycotts Danish goods

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stop issues skeches[edit]

this is really more thn a cruel intention againt muslims..... let me explain how,,, if u luv or belives smeone n i make a cartoon of smeone who is holy for u ,,how u react thn..?????same hre we all muslims feel on this skeches of cartoon of our MUHAMMAD (PBUH),, I REQUEST WEKIPEDIA TO STOP ISSUES THS SKECHES AS WEKIPEDIA IS I HOPE A SOURCE OE KNOWLEGE FOR ALL HUMANBEING NOT THE PLATEFORM OF TEASING ANY COMMUNITY LIKE THS TIME REALLY PAIN FULL FOR MUSLIMS... islam is a religion of peace n we respect alll n othr religions n thr prophets so plzzz stop ths abusive carttons display again n again... GOD bless us all