Comments:Thousands of Filipinos call for President Arroyo's resignation; former presidents join protest

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I have been the witness to the first people power in EDSA. I felt proud then. Two EDSA revolutions later, and I am no longer impressed. The recent interfaith rally in Makati had impressive figures, at least that is how most Filipinos would like to view it. What many of us fail to see is this, that our president, whoever we elect, is a mere reflection of his/her people. The FILIPINO is corrupt, hence whoever sits as president, for as long as he is Filipino, then he will be corrupt. Filipinos like to feel proud, and as much as we produce great artists, singers, boxers; we also pride ourselves with rallying behind patriotic causes. IT IS OUR HOBBY. So to the world, I wish to say this: PLEASE DO NOT PAY TOO MUCH ATTENTION OR FUSS OVER US. We are about to oust our elected president, put someone new to govern us, and hopefully, flock the streets for our next EDSA FIVE OR SIX. Allow us our addiction. (AILEEN PANES, DAVAO CITY)

Mrs arroyo will not resign unless the united states will say so like former late president marcos.they just wasting their time rallying etc..who ever the next president they do the same thing like former president joseph estrada.thats all my comment.

Thousands call for Filipino President's resignation


That's only a few number of people,we got millions and millions of Filipinos to help out and be united to have done this move even during the election issue in 2004.They let her still govern so why only now?It only goes to show that once someone is in power,they forget what they are suppose to do for people,They are blinded with all source of EVIL which is MONEY!