Comments:Three students killed in Ohio school shooting, others injured

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Shootings Over Disappointments in School, Employment, and Life In General.

It seems to me, over the last few decades, that there is more of this sort of thing going on than previously, say in the seventies and eighties. Is it possible that the practice of telling kids they can "be anything they want to be" is being over done. I always told my kids they could "achieve anything they would really work at." I didn't like the notion of giving them the idea that the world owed them something, that they could HAVE things (jobs, friends, spouses, etc.) just because they WANTED them. My kids have grown up now, and I admit they haven't achieved greatness, but then most kids don't, to be truthful. But neither have they attacked, injured, or killed anyone just because they (my now-grown kids) didn't get some of the things they wanted from life.

Most kids probably understand that achievements are not guaranteed, but I'm thinking some of them are taking such statements as "gospel truth" and end up feeling cheated because they wanted something (even something most of us consider basic) and didn't get it. Life can be disappointing, certainly, but attacking people over it -- I don't like the frequency with which that is happening these days. ARE we raising our kids to feel over-entitled?

17:28, 29 February 2012

Violence has lessened considerably in the last decade. The only ones at fault here are the parents and of course the shooter.

The reason why it may seem to be more often is simply the increase in population. But even with the total pop. going up, violence numbers have actually still been declining since the 1990s. To get an in-depth look, I suggest starting at

00:52, 1 March 2012

Bullshit! your all white demonic puppets being controlled by the white Lucifer!

20:58, 4 March 2012

Comments from feedback form - "Much more information is neede..."

Much more information is needed.

22:23, 1 March 2012