Comments:U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter to retire

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I wonder if any of the conservatives will leave the court in the current presidential term? 21:32, 1 May 2009 (UTC)Reply

I am a disabled caucasion female retired from the State of Mississippi Department of Education living in rural Rankin County Mississippi. I am being abused by law enforcement constantly in this county due to the way I look because I am of Greek descent. Now, they are trying to arrest me for a check that was insufficient funds from a grocery store that I wrote the day I was released from the hospital when I was confused from the mental abuse my my job and law enforcement officials. Kroger sent me a letter from Utah and I called and they refused to accept my payment for this returned check. Now, Rankin County District Attorney Michael Guest has threatened to put me in jail if I do not pay this in eight days. The constant humiliation and abuse from Rankin County Mississippi is becoming intolerable. I cannot imagine what it is like for an uneducated person in Mississippi. I am extremely educated and have traveled around the world many times and cannot understand why the governmental officials in Mississippi do not have respect for an individual that has sacrificed to travel for her state and risk her life for the children of this state serving for the Mississippi Department of Education and I am constantly a target for abuse. I thought the U. S. Supreme Court needed to know of the Klans like abuse from this county. I was born and raised in Jackson Mississippi, married and moved to Rankin County 14 years ago, speak more than 2 languages and always get abused by these governmental officials. Please tell Barrack Obama to investigate these officials thoroughly. Also, I am going through a divorce, have been summons to Rankin County courthouse and Judge Fairly is trying to put me in jail for being one mortgage payment behind when I am still legally married to my husband and he married his assistant therefore that makes him a bigomist, he had a child with her, and they are trying to prosecute me as the criminal. Please help this backwards organized union of Rankin County, Mississippi in Brandon and Flowood.


<personal info removed>

Don't worry, I'm sure they have special accomodations for disabled people in jail. When you get out, tell us how it went! 19:40, 2 May 2009 (UTC)Reply