Comments:U.S. tugboat latest victim of Somali pirates

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man, what the hell. I thought we just took care of these guys. they're everywhere! war!!!!

Something has to be done about these pirates. The world needs to catch up with the times so we can end this threat to the global economy.

Comments from feedback form - "The sea knowledge of your corr..."[edit]

The sea knowledge of your correspondants is in the report on the brilliant russian attack on the captured 'Moscow University'they refewrred to the Engine Room, as 'the machinry hold'.Also they just present comments by senior commanders 'as gospel truth'.Therey have little proper IN DEPTH knowledge to be incisive.And do not know where to go, to obtain an opposite point of view.I;m a rtired Shipmaster, who has been attacked by pirates, so I see the articles, spoken with such authority-as often un-informed garbage. Captain B. — (talk) 19:41, 29 June 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]