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North Korea and Iran[edit]

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That means in George Bush terms there is only one "evil" nation left. Iran.

Is he setting the stage for the next president? eliminate one counry from the list making it all the more likely for action to be taken on the other one. Obama/mc cain wlll basically have tochoose between no war and war with iran rather than war with korea or war with iran or no war.

Since "No war" is only a slogan but not a true intention (even obama does not rule out war) of these politicians they are just setting the stage for whats to come. General Petrius is already set to head central command will oversee any action in Iran.

And this sudden peace with korea This will only make Iran seem more stubborn and make it easier to sell the war to the american people.

But who gains from all this? prices of oil goes up. oil companies make money. enrgy traders make money. Iran's govt makes more money while the country still has to import petrol for cars.

Food prices keep going up. While it does not hurt those who pursue these wars as much it hurts those who already hurt. I rfer to the 100 million hungry or 860 million malnourished. That is the true cost of the wars. Not just the 3000/4000 american soldiers or the 60,000 or 600,000 iraqis? Who really knows how many died?

Tags running out![edit]

Terror tags are in short supply as President Bush annonces stripping N korea of terror tag. I am sue he intends to stick a second one or Iran. Just in case one is not visible enough.

Obama you have Coffee with the leaders of N Korea now. No not Iran not until bush and his cronies have milked all the oil money out of Iran like they have from Iraq through "nation building" —Preceding unsigned comment added by Rayoflight (talkcontribs) 03:34, 27 June 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]