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Chavez is going to be the ruin of democracy[edit]

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Chavez is nothing but an aggitator. He has sought, not the betterment of his people as he claims, but to expand his own powers, to become a dictator. He has used censorship, propaganda, and threats to reach his goal, building ties with totalitarian states and forming alliances against the US, not that I'm a huge fan of the American government. HE says that all of this is for his people, and for their betterment, but he is a lier, and a hipocrit. Unfourtunatley the bill will pass because people are ignorant and don't listen to reason or intelligent opposition until its too late, but i pray it fails because South America is already such an unstable place. The region is full of passion and such strong beliefs, but people just keep working against one another and it has to end. We have to learn from our past mistakes, but nobody seems to remember. If this bill passes my faith in humanity will have died. Please learn, please listen, the world is in trouble.