Landis tests positive for high levels of testosterone; could lose Tour title

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Floyd Landis, who came in first in the 2006 Tour de France, has tested positive for abnormal ratio of testosterone/epitestosterone, the Phonak team said on their website. Landis' "A" sample, taken after Stage 17 was positive, and his place on the Phonak team will be based on the lab results of the "B" sample.

This statement by the Phonak team came after yesterday's statement from the UCI that an unidentified cyclist had failed a drug test during the tour. Landis has been suspended by the Phonak team, and if he fails the second set of tests, he will be fired and could be stripped of the Tour title.

Under regulations set by the World Anti-Doping Agency, a ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone greater than 4:1 is considered a positive result and subject to an investigation. Until recently the cutoff was at 6:1. The natural ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone is generally about 1:1.