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Why is this page protected? What can I do?
  • Archived Wikinews articles are fully protected, as they are considered snapshots in time, permanent records of history.
  • Published Wikinews articles are usually semi-protected from editing, and fully protected from moving, as they are exported content of the project.
  • While most general-purpose pages can be edited by anyone, sometimes page access needs to be restricted due to vandalism.
  • The reason for protection can be found in the protection log. If there are no relevant entries in the protection log, the page may have been moved after being protected.
  • If you have a user account, log in first. If you do not yet have an account, you may create one; after you've edited a bit and a few days have passed, you will be able to edit semi-protected pages.
  • If you feel an edit is needed to this page, you may wish to start a new thread on the talk page and use {{editprotected}} to request the edit.
[edit] Documentation


The wiki platform displays the message on this page when the user tries to act on a page in a way the platform disallows. This page calls template {{protected page text}}, specifying a mode that determines where to find a table that customizes the displayed message. Table page names have the form Template:Protected page text/lookup/<mode>. Modes supported, as of this writing:

Also, an individual page can have its own mode table, under mode name page/{{FULLPAGENAME}}.

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