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The time is 17:00 (UTC) on August 25th, 2006, and this is Audio Wikinews News Briefs.



Today, India's Ministry of External Affairs summoned the Ambassador of the Netherlands, Eric Niehe following the detention of 12 Indian nationals in Amsterdam because of their alleged "suspicious" behaviour onboard a NorthWest Airlines flight headed for Mumbai.


Israel has purchased two more Dolphin class submarines which have the capacity to carry nuclear warheads. Experts view the purchase as a clear signal to Iran that Israel can retaliate if subjected to a nuclear attack.


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez arrived in the Chinese capital of Beijing, Wednesday, beginning a visit that will see new agreements to increase China's investment in Venezuela's petroleum, telecom, agriculture and transport.


An 8th case of mad cow disease was found in a cow in the province of Alberta. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency did a test and found BSE. The agency found no part of the beef cow's carcass entered either the human or animal feed chains.

United Kingdom

The Rural Postal Network in the UK is currently supported by a government subsidy of about £110 m a year. This subsidy know as the Social Network Payment is due to end in 2008. However the decision on what will follow is being taken this Autumn and will have major implications for both rural communities and businesses.

The Mathew Street festival, an annual event held in Liverpool, has started today. Claiming to be the largest free Music festival in Europe, it gets its name from the street on which the Cavern Club was situated. Last year some 370,000 people attended the event.

New Zealand

The winners of the annual 2006 Air New Zealand Screen Awards were announced on Thursday, 24 August night.

Czech Republic

The wife of the Czech Republic's new prime minister has joined a rival political party after he admitted, last Friday, having a affair with the deputy leader of parliament.

United Kingdom

Euan Blair, the eldest son of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, has been admitted to a hospital in Barbados after complaining of stomach pains.

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