Talk:Ahmadinejad pictures: Iran Gov't denies hostage-taker allegations

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yeah, CNN showed a real comparison and the 2 looked about as much alike as Bush and Kerry...hmmmm Paulrevere2005 3 July 2005 00:44 (UTC)

This "article" does not seem like news if we are focusing on Fox's coverage only. Wouldn't this be a POV unless Fox's coverage is called into question? - Tdempsey 4 July 2005 04:02 (UTC)

It is Foxy News, not a real one!

Compare the pictures of the iranian hostage taker we are speaking about and the pics of Agca (pope's would be assassin) found on google image search. Now thats scary. The pics of Pres Iran look nothing like the hostage taker pics. The eyes NEVER change in life.