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Possible sources that could confirm enough to take this to publish state...

Unsourced material[edit]

This information has not been sourced to either original reporting or published reports:

According to informal data, firemen were instructed by their commanders to evacuate first of all the bank's top management staff from other side of the building that was not burning at that moment. In Russian mass media, details of that horrible accident are censored and edited. Many of the reports about the event, which appeared during the first hours in online media, then dissapeared from the websites without a trace. Most of Russian Savings Bank's staff consist of young women 20-30 years old. Eyewitnesses tell about the young woman who was hanging for one hour on the billboard attached to the wall of the building and was begging to rescue her because she had a new born baby at home. Official mass media tells about 9 victims but we suspect that much more people died in that accident because those people who managed to rescue reported that corridors of the building were filled with dead bodies. This information is proved by several independent sources.

--Eloquence 00:34, 19 January 2006 (UTC)

Junk Merge[edit]

Here is that junk from Fire in Vladivostok, Russia which probably wasn't intended as original reporting in any sence, but might have been. Nyarlathotep 02:07, 20 January 2006 (UTC)

At least 20 dead in the fire in an office building in Vladivostok, Russia that happened on January 16. Because of the lack of fire exits and firefighters' ladders people had to jump away from windows from the 8-th and 9-th floors.

ru:Крупный пожар в офисном здании Владивостока

“Don’t tell “Sorry…” …and only one word in my mind: “Why? Why? Why???”

I live fare from my native city Vladivostok, where live all my family, my mother, my friends, and when I waked up on the 16 of January – in my city everything happened… from radio news I knew about great tragedy in Vladivostok: in fare in business centre 9 people perished. It was 8 floor of building, and it was bank. Staff of it in general is young women, who had families, children. Who went to their job place in the morning with such things, like:”What my daughter will wear in school…” or “What special can I cook for my husband tonight…” Ordinary minds of usual people. But they didn’t back at home.

When I watched TV news – I fall in crying - picture was terrible: tongues of flame in the windows, and women with wild screams were jumping from 8 and 9 floors! At the foot – a lot of people, who try to lay their wear and pasteboard boxes on the asphalt. Firemen can do nothing… they just declare: “Our ladders not so long”. Not so long to help burning people….

Now it’s too late to speak about possible chances to save … people – from dead, their families – from distress, children – from orphan hood…and our souls – from this great sin.

But it time to find answer on such things: Why people dead? Why there were not helicopters, trampolines for the saving? Who is responsible for absence fire technique? Why firemen came not in time? Where are fire-exits? And where could we find true?

Information in official reports became less and less. And nobody comment this horror…We bore in tragedy with “Kursk”, be bear now, we bear over and over, but this wild still malice increases in us, in our children… and I am afraid, so soon – we couldn’t cry, watching dead – we will be zombies…

(autor -Anastasia Aralova / Jenuary,19,2006, Russia)

Oh, here is the Severe fire with multiple victims in Vladivostok, Russia :Failure to help too which I'll also redirect here. Nyarlathotep 02:16, 20 January 2006 (UTC)

On January, 16th, 2006 approximately at 11:45 in the city of Vladivostok three top floors of “Promstroyniiproekt” building were on fire. These floors belong to Dept #8635 of the Savings Bank of the Far-Eastern Bank of the Savings Bank of Russia. Lyudmila Nikolaevna Feofanova is the top manager of the Dept. Firemen failed, and burning people jumped down from the 8-9 floors, killing themselves against asphalt while firemen were rescuing top-management body of the Savings Bank from the other side of the building where the fire was absent. But that did not served as the reason of creation of this site. We have noted, that in mass media (it is even ridiculous to name them so) the news about the fire may appear, then, in half of an hour they may be deleted or edited. Some mass-media (in particular ANN) have written that in general everything is all right, everybody was salvaged, and nobody jumped down from the windows. IN GENERAL there is no true information on the fire in the central mass-media! There is one news only on that firemen have worked well and that’s all. It BECOMES clear, THAT SOMEONE DISABLES THE INFORMATION, SO THAT TO PREVENT IT FROM GOING ABROAD THE BOARDERS THE FAR-EASTERN FEDERAL DISTRICT!!! More or less intelligible information is at the informal forums ( where there is something spoken by eyewitnesses. And that is all. That’s why any information on an event which can throw light on the truth will be collected here. If this site is unexpectedly closed, then understand that the authorities have done it.

I've deleted the fourth story. Nyarlathotep 02:16, 20 January 2006 (UTC)

I'm also deleting Terrible true about fire in Vladivostok, Russia, as it should be merged.

About 70 people had died during the fire in Russian bank. While people from burnin rooms were screeming for help, fire men were saving lives of thier bosses who were on another side of the building! (the beginning of Guys, I'm from 9th floor, but from another side of the building. TVmen have shown only facade, girls were falling down from 5th floor there. In our side everything was much worse - too high and no cornices. F..ckin firemen instead of fighting with fire were searching in purses and stealing cellphones. One of them was caught with a big PC display. There were no tents to catch falling people. The only people who made efforts to save us were those passing by that time.

For the record, I'm deleting all these shiite version partially because they will distract possible NPOV contributors from writing the article. I'd love to see more articles about defacto state controlled news agencies (U.S. or Russia) surpressing things. Nyarlathotep 15:05, 20 January 2006 (UTC)

A better version[edit]

Here is teh version of Severe fire with many victims in Vladivostok, Russia which Brian McNeil recommended as the base point for the article. It is probably the piece which should be merged into this article (or this article should be merged into it). Nyarlathotep 15:11, 20 January 2006 (UTC)

On January 16th, 2006 at approximately 11:45 in the morning in the city of Vladivostok in the Russian Far East, the top three floors of the “Promstroyniiproekt” building burst into flames. These floors belong to Department #8635 of the Savings Bank of the Far-Eastern Bank of the Savings Bank of Russia.

Lyudmila Nikolaevna Feofanova is the senior manager of the department.

File:Fire in Vladivostok.jpg
Strong fire in the building

Firemen were not up to the task, and burning people jumped from the 8th and 9th floors, dying on impact with the pavement below. Meanwhile, firemen were rescuing the senior management of the Bank from the other side of the building where there was no fire.

An independent web site has been created about this tragedy at (, in Russian. The authors there note that the Russian official mass media, news about the fire may appear, then, in a short period of time are either deleted or edited.

Some mass media (in particular ANN) have written that in general everything is all right, everybody was saved, and nobody jumped from the windows. Loccal television in the Siberian city of Yakutsk is reporting deaths, but the accuracy of those reports is uncertain.

File:Fire in Vladivostok2.jpg
People can't wait for help anymore from Gallery with eyewitness' photo

IN GENERAL there is an absence of accurate information on the fire in the central mass-media! There is only one report on the site ( that firemen have done their job well and that’s all. Local citizens are incensed that central-government censorship is preventing the dissemination of full information about the events beyond the borders of the Russian Far-Eastern Federal District. Demonstrations are planned in Vladivostok for 11am on Saturday 21 January 2006 outside the mayor's offices in the city.

Protesters are demanding answers to a number of questions, including:

  • Why has only one fire inspector been detained?
  • Who is repsonsible for the lack of adequate fire-fighting equipment?
  • Why were fire engines so slow in responding to the fire?
  • Why were rescue efforts focused on the management of the bank first, when they were not in a part of the building involved in the fire?
  • Why did it seem that rescuers were uninterested in the victims falling to their deaths to the pavement below?
  • Where were the rescue helicopters?
  • Where are the victims who were not employees of the bank?
  • Where were the fire exits?
  • Why was a truck equipped with a tarpolin (for catching jumpers) blocked from the site by local police?
File:Fire in Vladivostok3.jpg
Rescuing the senior management of the Bank from the other side of the building where there was no fire from Gallery with eyewitness' photo

The above represents a translation, with some additional information, of information at the informal site ( where there are reports by eyewitnesses, photographs of the events, and organizing information for Saturday's demonstration. Any information which can throw light on the truth is being collected there. If this external site is unexpectedly closed, then it will be suspected that the Russian authorities are responsible for the act of censorship.

Western and independent news agencies with representatives or stringers in the area are urged to cover the demonstration and bring a more accurate account of the events to the world than is being permitted by the Russian government.

Internet gallery with photos of fire People falling out video