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All part of World War 3[edit]

Perhaps the story should be tied in more with the Jul 7 bombings("Race attacks rise after bombs"The Guardian, August 1, 2005)...and thus, the War in Iraq..what courts refer to as "the fruit of the tree". It would be interesting to get some man on the street interviews in London right now,perhaps. Maybe there is an underswell of the "Crusade" mentality Bush promotes [[1]] and maybe that is the underlying cause of this attack(story)-To the rascist, black may = muslim. Paulrevere2005 11:51, 1 August 2005 (UTC)Reply

Some issues[edit]

There are some issues with this article.

a sharp increase from before the bombings.
Even if this is related, it needs to be explained in greater detail. If not, it could be seen as a push for POV in the story.

"The three walked away from the racial abuse without retaliating, but a gang of up to four white men caught up with them as they crossed McGoldrick Park. Mr. Walker's girlfriend and cousin ran to get help. When they returned, they found Mr. Walker on the ground with an axe embedded in his skull. He died at 0525 BST on Saturday 28 July 2005."

Is UK government stirring up racial hatred?[edit]

Isn't the government's racial slurs and behaviour part of this story? Because they are constantly talking about "evil" Islamic fundamentalists? They are only saying it for effect because King Fahd was an extreme islamic fundamentalist[[2]] and they sure seemed to like him. Also, now they say they are not going to bother searching "little old white ladies" on the underground. Why not? Haven't they ever heard of "mules"? They are just targeting people of colour and everybody knows it. That should be part of this story; how Blair and Straw are stirring up racial hatred. Paulrevere2005 11:40, 2 August 2005 (UTC)Reply