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I have commented out my additions to this article at Amgine's request. I knew the style of my additions was verging on POV (hence my de-publishing of my own publishing), but I felt they were valuble and relevant, and I was too lazy to write more. Amgine has not fully explained his view of their relevance, which might be that their relvance is inherently POV. I am not a Blair fan, but I do feel that both the refusal of US athorities to evacuate UK citizens, and the lack of interantional material aid, have bearing on Blair's apology. I don't believe the relevance of these data points in inherently POV, and I can imagine drawing many divergant conclusions from them. To be specific: (1) If you are an American liberal, you see this as "Bush wouldn't let Blair do anything anyway". (2) If you are an American conservative, you see this as "Blair is apologizing because the nature of the situation made it something which needed to be handled at high levels of government, and high levels of the British government failed to devliver". In both case, I see the extra information as relevant.

I hope the people who cared enough about this article to write it (Rakista & Borofkin) should express an opinion. - Nyarlathotep 20:35, 7 September 2005 (UTC)

P.S. I will publish (with bump) this article on Wednesday, even if it has not been expanded, unless someone says that it should wait for more information (like for anyone else to apologize).

better with stuff put back[edit]

Short and sucky as is, much better with nyra[whatevers] related news. - 12:44, 9 September 2005 (UTC)