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Disney-MGM Studios emergency call transcript.

Length of call: 55 seconds.

Disp: 9-1-1 Emergency. Request for police, fire or medical?

Caller: Uh, medical. I have a guest here at Tower of Terror at the Studio, MGM Studios. She just got off the ride and she is shaking very, very bad and (unint) twice. She is in the, uh, photo area of the Tower of Terror.

D: Approximately how old is she?

C: Uh, she looks like she's, uh, a teenager. Uh, roughly around maybe between 18 or 20 years old, or maybe a little older than that.

D: And she's just shaking?

C: She's very shaky, uh, she's holding on to her mother. Uh, I'd given her some water but she hadn't drank any yet. Uh, she just got off the ride, she's sitting down right now.

D: Ok and don't give her anything else to drink because it may cause problems for the doctors.

C: Ok, uh...

D: Your name please?

C: My name is (redacted).

D: What's your number there?

C: Uh, the extension here is (redacted).

D: OK, I have paramedics on the way.

C: Alright. Thank you very much.

D: Alright. Bye.