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I read with some concern that Martin lead a round of applause for Chretien's discreditable conduct at the Sponsorship Inquiry.

People praise Chretien for keeping us out of amusing comment....we couldn't have helped out in Iraq in the first place. While the United States makes history in Iraq, we sit a moan about a hockey strike. I have watched Canada, the country of my birth, become a small minded, left wing bastion of nothing, run by people who THINK they are making a difference in the world...what a difference Martin made walking along the beach in Phuket with his wife. What is wrong with us? We put down our neighbour to the south, yet if ONE Canadian wins a U.S. golf tournament, or wins a nomination for an Oscar, it is front page news.

We are not much above a third world country, in fact Martin even mentioned this in his "OUT OF THE LOOP" Canadians and the Canadian Government think we look important when we constantly crticize the United States. If anything it makes us look less important than we are.,

I am ashamed of Canada and the politicians who try to run the country.

God Bless the U.S.A.