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Leaving aside the topic of the Loony Gringos Warmongerism and imperialism and the farse the UN has always been, I wonder when will be Chávez himself uprooted from Venezuela, considering his disregard for democracy, honesty, sanity, and, mostly, his despise for human lives. From Caracas, Venezuela Daniel 13:21, 17 September 2005 (UTC)[reply]

Francis Fukuyama is right that one should not undermine the places where democrasy currently exists, the nation state, in favor of a (necissarily) nondemocratic world government. Moreover, any world government is a bad Marxist-like idea as it slows the already slugish pase of "natural selection among nations." However, I'm all for moving the U.N., as doing so will make it less powerful. Heck, lets just make it one big perpetual teleconfrence which does nothing, but which you can tune into next to CSPAN to see other national points of view. - Nyarlathotep 15:10, 17 September 2005 (UTC)[reply]

Top Story?[edit]

Does this really merit top billing round here? Chavez is a sideshow and unless he says something about oil, he's just not relevant. It's sort of like the end of a sitcom when one of the side characters says something silly and they all say "Chaaaaveeezzz!" and laugh. Roll the credits.

Great analogy, Anonymous. Chávez can allow himself that kind of discourse since the conjucture will have oil prices high for around the next 50 years. Then, oil goes down or is replaced. That's when Chávez will fall down of power and finally put in the nuthouse he belongs, and be judged for his crimes against humanity. So he'll keep talking his sideshowisms and we'll keep seeing him until the sitcoms has lost its ratings and gets canceled, and then the type-casted actor dies of an anti-alcoholism pills overdose in a forgotten motel with a photo of Bush in his bedside, just as he movie career as a stooge to the Arnie types never got launched beyond direct-to-DVD flicks... Daniel 15:54, 17 September 2005 (UTC)[reply]