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Looks good. The title was a bit misleading, I took it to mean ibuprofen CAUSED asthma, while it really only triggers or worsens an attack in kids who already have it. That was easily fixed. I generally like to see more than one source, but this isn't very controversial, so I suppose we can take that one source at it's word. A pic would be nice, maybe of a coughing child or an ibuprofen tablet ? You could even take the those yourself, upload them to WikiCommons, and get extra credit for an original image ! StuRat 01:49, 4 September 2005 (UTC)

Avoid Drug-triggered asthma, I've looked at the natural alternatives[edit]

Having had family members with asthma, I've looked at the natural alternatives to traditional drug therapy. You would not believe what's out there ! I have tried to separate fact from fiction, but its not always easy.