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Wiki being banned again for no reason whatsoever[edit]

Luoyang,HN China,Leigh Tsong On the night of Nov. 16th,2006 while several pals in a mainland China BBS were celebrating the lifting ban of Wikipaedia, they did not have a slightest idea of what is going to happen the next morning. But when they woke up the next day, logged on their computer to Wiki,they quickly realized that what had been discussed last night had just turned out to be the new knell of their experience with Wikipaedia.

What they did not realize is that,this time things are getting much more complicated,not only the Chinese version of Wikipaedia namely\"\",but other Wiki site under the Wikimedia Foundations were smothered. Even the attempt of visiting Wiki through proxy site such as U.Pen. cannot save Wiki from the endangered fate.

However,Wiki users in mainland China finally found their way of getting access to Wikipaedia again,using much more troublesome proxy sites with less attention of the government censorship.

The reason Wikipaedia is banned this time is still unknown at present,and all the users of the well-known online encyclopedia in mainland China are still crossing their fingers for their window of fair and square to the outside world.

AP link[edit]

I added the AP link to the sources. Lots more info and quotes there that someone with more time than myself can use to extend this article. Rob T Firefly 20:26, 17 November 2006 (UTC)Reply

Al Jazeera reports ban on Wikipedia has ben lifted[edit]

see Al Jaxeera [[1]]

Reasons for ban in October said to be the way in which Taiwan and Tibet were treated. Ban said to remain on the account of 1989 Tiananmen Square event.

The big search engines have been accused of conspiring with the China gov't to suppress access to information.

More reseatch needed - conflicting reports. Fentonrobb 18:44, 18 November 2006 (UTC)Reply

Such reports have also come up on some other sources. It seems that these are latecomers to the story of the original lifting of the ban, which this story is about the end of. Rob T Firefly 00:25, 19 November 2006 (UTC)Reply