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If there's a best title contest, i think we have a winner.

I think 'fat' should be replaced with the more usual term 'pork' if you want to be colourful. It took me quite a few years of living here before I understood what 'pork' meant.
Thanks, but its a minor cleanup of a sources title. But, yes, I did feel the "U.S." was judiciously added.  :)

Amazing idea[edit]

How about, rather than destroy the world economy with your debt, you start taxing Corporations (2/3 of American corporations don't pay tax (inside America). 90% pay less than 5% tax) and the ultra-rich. Nah... rich people and TNCs are special; they have it so tough they need tax breaks. ~The bellman | Smile 13:20, 19 September 2005 (UTC)

um, why would they tax themselves?
How about "you" just stop buying it?

BTW, my idealistic side feels that only "limited liability companies" should be taxed. Why? Well limited liability is a major favor from "the people," so "the people" should get the best deal they can. But then I remember that "the people" does not exist, so I give up and the world makes sence again.  :)


I highly recommend MetaFilter as a way to find interesting news stories. Very little "really interesting" news fails to pass through metafilter. And very little gets repeated ad nauseam. Most of the interesting articles which I've put up on wikinews came off MetaFilter.