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I consider a serious mistake that the word terrorist may not be used to refer to ETA. By their fruits, you shall know them: They have killed hundreds of people and they are *not* a political party. It is really difficult to think that their goal is something different than what they have done in the last years. If you decide not to use the word terrorist you are speaking euphemistically. Wikipedia is not going to be less "neutral" by calling things by their proper name. Please reconsider. -- Somebody from Spain.

In my opinion the adjective 'seperatist' does not imply that ETA is not a terrorist organization. The fact that they detonate bombs in major cities clearly shows that they are ready to kill innocents to promote their goals. I chose 'seperarist' because it alludes to the fact that ETA's goal is the creation of an independant Basque state. Terrorist/terrorism etc are used so frequently these days that I thought seperatist would provide a more accurate description - I did not mean to imply that ETA is somehow 'better' than any other group that uses violence to promote its goals.

That said I think we are seeing a fundamental problem in the way Wikinews works here. Peer review is absolutely essential of course, but a news site cannot devote the same amount of time to review that a online dictionary can. You state that "Wikipedia is not going to be less "neutral" by calling things by their proper name" - only that this isn't Wikipedia and as far as I understand it, publishing news items quickly is just as important as reporting facts as objectively as possible. Whether its 'terrorist' or 'seperatist' matters less than whether its published in a timely fashion or not (and I'm not just saying that in regards to this article, but to Wikinews in general). Just my 0.05€. -- Coffee

I've changed terrorist to separatist and added a note about ETA being considered a terrorist organization. I've also removed some POV stuff at the end. The article looks OK to me now.--Eloquence 02:40, 5 Dec 2004 (UTC)

The use(or not) of the word terrorist is controversial. Anyway I think the article is ok now.--- Carlosar 02:45, 5 Dec 2004 (UTC)